One-Bedroom unit with balcony   +/- 27.90 sqm


You like to be surrounded by beauty, all things calm, peaceful and radiant, like those ambient lights and that willowy, music that you like to listen to. You gaze out of your balcony and marvel at the resplendence that envelopes your home.

One-Bedroom unit with den & balcony   +/- 35.93 sqm


You are always on the lookout for new ideas and concepts to further your career or your business. You work hard, you play hard. At the end of each day, you bask in the glow of the sunset from your balcony.

Two-Bedroom end unit with balcony   +/- 50.40 sqm


You are an adventurous couple. You may hie off to your next weekend getaway or host a wine and cheese evening with your friends or enjoy intimate candlelight dinners on your balcony.

Two-Bedroom unit   +/- 42.86 sqm


Your unit is the perfect fit to your growing family. You can have quiet moments in your bedroom when you need to focus on work or alone time with your spouse, while the kids enjoy their own space for play and study.

Step into the Golden Life

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